March 20, 2017

April 8 – Defend Health: Day of Action for Improved Medicare for All

The Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare is calling for a National Day of Action for Improved Medicare for All on Saturday, April 8th.

Fill out the #DefendHealth form if you’re interested in helping plan an event!

The Campaign is asking local activists and organizations to organize rallies or speak outs at medical institutions, to draw attention to the local impacts that the GOP’s American Health Care Act (ACHA) will have, and to call for single-payer as the only moral and sustainable “replacement” plan.

April 8th will come at a crucial moment as it’s also the first day of a two-week “April recess” when Members of Congress return to their districts and will have to face constituents at town halls, on conference calls, office visits, etc. and should provide a great hook for the press.

An example of an action: in Boston, a coalition of single payer groups (Mass-Care, PNHP, and others) are planning an event outside of a hospital that serves as a safety net institution in the state (treating a high percentage of Medicaid and uninsured patients). We’ll have both providers and patients speak out about the impact the AHCA would have at that hospital and others, and talk about how single-payer would allow us to control costs while caring for all patients.

Can you plan anything (big or small) on April 8th? Please fill out the #DefendHealth form here!