February 21, 2017

Attend Feb. Town Hall Meetings!

The week of February 20th – February 24th is “February recess” for Congress, when your Representatives and Senators return home from D.C. and (are supposed to) spend time listening to their constituents instead of D.C. lobbyists! As Congress prepares to make cuts to Medicaid, roll back subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, and worse, now is the time to speak up and tell your Members of Congress “hands off” our healthcare, and to demand a truly universal, affordable healthcare system by fighting for improved Medicare for All!

How to Take Action

If your legislator is hosting a Town Hall Meeting, a district conference call, or has normal office hours scheduled, you should attend or organize a delegation of single-payer supporters!

Look up your Congressperson’s scheduled events here.

Is your Member of Congress hiding from their constituents during February recess?

Organize a delegation and make an appointment to visit their district offices! Email us if you’re scheduling an appointment, and we can work on putting you in touch with other single-payer supporters in your area to join you.