Call Your Senators!

Yesterday the CBO confirmed what we knew all along: that the Senate’s repeal bill would strip healthcare from 22 million people, for the noble cause of enriching the already rich. Click to call your Senator right now!

Find an April 8th Action

The Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare called for a National Day of Action for Improved Medicare for All on Saturday, April 8th, and grassroots organizations across the country are responding! With the defeat of the GOP’s “repeal and replace” legislation, now is the time more than ever to go on the offense!

Plan an April 8th Action

The Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare is calling for rallies and speak outs at medical institutions across the country on Saturday, April 8th. This day of action will highlight the devastating local impacts of the ACHA, and show support for improved Medicare for All. Start planning an action today!

Call Your Representative!

Call your Representative and tell them why it’s important to you, personally, that Congress not dismantle existing healthcare programs, and ask them to support single-payer healthcare (Rep. Conyers’s H.R. 676) as the only moral and affordable “replacement” plan!