March 15, 2018

Single Payer Birddogging Videos

This is the page where we will feature videos of activists birddogging Congressional candidates, asking them to support Medicare for All when they are elected! Elections are one of the best opportunities residents have to force candidates to commit to doing the right thing. When we are getting close to November 6, we will let everyone vote on the best and worst candidate responses listed on this page!

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Sen. Chris Murphy at a townhall (Medicare for All CT)

New Jersey

Rep. Frank Pallone at townhall (National Nurses United)


Rep. Stephen Lynch at townhall (8/22/19, Healthcare-NOW)

Rep. Stephen Lynch at townhall (a longer video of the above by Boston DSA)


Sen. Debbie Stabenow at townhall (Detroit DSA/Medicare for all Michigan)

Stabenow approached at Dem Convention (Medicare for All Michigan)


Rep. Jim Cooper Decides to Cosponsor HR 676 (Healthcare-NOW/PNHP)


Rep. Don Beyer “Evolves” Over Course of Townhall (N. VA Metro DC DSA)

The Fight for Medicare for All in Northern Virginia from David Shen on Vimeo.


5 Candidates for WA-8 Explain Their Position on Single Payer