February 7, 2018

Stand Up for Single Payer Submission Form

For the 2018 elections we are calling on Congressional candidates of every party to “Stand Up for Single Payer” and make improved Medicare for All a primary issue on their campaign platform. Candidates can join the campaign by posting on their website why they support Medicare for All, and we will feature them on the Campaign’s website.

How to Take Action

Check the websites of the candidates running for Congress in your district and state. Ballotpedia offers a useful tool to find your primary candidates (it will ask you to enter your email address; you can leave it blank).  If any of your candidates already support single-payer on their website, fill out the form below so we can recognize them!

For candidates who are not yet running on Medicare for All: it’s time to organize! A wide range of tactics are available to you: start by writing a letter asking them to “Stand Up” for Single Payer and getting it signed by other people, businesses, and organizations in the district. Ask for a meeting with the candidate and their health policy aide and bring allies to the meeting. If private communications and pressure don’t work, ask the candidate at public campaign events. Stuck on tactics? Check out Healthcare-NOW’s free training on Grassroots Legislative Advocacy!